Our AirForce Cartridge ushers in a revolution in the cartridge technology world. 

Our proprietary ceramic heating element is specifically engineered and optimized for extracts of all viscosity levels — from the thickest concentrates to the thinnest distillates — making vaping more effective and pleasurable by highlighting all of your subtle flavors and terpenes, all while experiencing silky smooth hits. Zero maintenance and perfect leakproofness, guaranteed. 

Food-grade and medical-grade materials ensure the highest standard in quality. No need for delayed pre-heating; we promise complete vaporization of every last drop. Available in 0.5, 0.8, and 1 mL sizes, the AirForce Cartridge is fully customizable, from the metallic components to the mouthpieces and collars, to properly showcase your brand’s identity. Indulge your customers in pure flavor and powerful potency. 

The AirForce Cartridge is an absolute must-have for connoisseurs who truly appreciate cannabis cartridges.

100% Cat-3 Compliant

Absolutely no heavy metals, guaranteed.
Experience only pure, clean, uncontaminated vaping, every time

Accepts All Viscosities

From the thinnest distillates to the thickest concentrates, the AirForce cartridge can handle vaping liquids of any kind, no problem.

Cool Customization Capabilities

Custom color and material tips, silkscreen tank options, metallic components, collars… make the AirForce cartridge stand out!

100% Leakproof

Don’t fuss around with other cartridges which may leak your valuable contents. The AirForce is 100% leakproof, guaranteed.

Easy to fill and cap

Whether you opt for a simple screw-on closure, or our sealable tamper-evident one, this cartridge is designed for automation and easy fulfillment.

Ceramic Heating Element

The ceramic heating element ensures only the purest vaporization, allowing silky smooth hits and incomparable flavor.

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