For when you need it to hit like a sack of bricks 🧱

2mL all-in-one-unit

Pre-Heat & variable voltage temperature settings

Automatic shut off feature

100% Cat-3 Compliant

Absolutely no heavy metals, guaranteed.
Experience only pure, clean, uncontaminated vaping, every time.

Accepts All Viscosities

From the thinnest distillates to the thickest concentrates, the PIXI can handle vaping liquids of any kind, no problem.

Cool Customization Capabilities

Pantone matching, full-body wraps, custom LEDs, several finish & logo options… make theBRIK truly yours.

Standard USB Type-C charging port

Recharge with ease using any standard, high-quality USB-C cable.

Convenient & Disposable

This disposable is more convenient than others on the market.

Pocket Sized Powerhouse

This XL disposable hits hard from the first puff to the last.

What are you waiting for?

Get yourself a BRIK Disposable today!

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