Our BOMA is an absolute miracle of cannabis vape engineering technology.  

Don’t let its small size deceive you!  It may only be as big as your average chapstick,
but this pocket-sized powerhouse portable packs a potent punch!

Like all our products, customization is virtually endless; the only limit is your imagination! 

100% Cat-3 Compliant

Absolutely no heavy metals, guaranteed.
Experience only pure, clean, uncontaminated vaping, every time.

Accepts All Viscosities

From the thinnest distillates to the thickest concentrates, the BOMA can handle vaping liquids of any kind, no problem.

Cool Customization Capabilities

Pantone matching, full-body wraps, custom windows & LEDs, several finish & logo options… make theBOMA truly yours.

Tamper Evident

Once the BOMA is sealed, it cannot be reopened. This prevents any tampering with your product, guaranteeing product integrity.

Convenient & Rechargable

With a standard charging port, this disposable is more convenient than others on the market.

Pocket Sized Powerhouse

Great things come in small packages. This diminutive disposable has the heart of a much bigger vape!

What are you waiting for?

Get yourself some BOMA Metal-Free Disposable Microvapes today!

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