Our AirForce Disposables are simply da bomb!

You can count on our excellence in electronics to provide the greatest vaping experience.

Made with strictly food-grade and medical-grade materials, as well as our usual crazy customization options,
these high-quality AirForce Disposables are guaranteed to vaporize every last drop and look good doing it.

When you need disposables done well, count on Happy Head to help. 

100% Cat-3 Compliant

Absolutely no heavy metals, guaranteed.
Experience only pure, clean, uncontaminated vaping, every time.

Accepts All Viscosities

From the thinnest distillates to the thickest concentrates, the AirForce disposable gobbles vapes of all kinds, no problem.

Cool Customization Capabilities

From metal types to LED colors, from imprints to full wraps… even charger styles can be customized.

Food & Medical Grade

Like all of our electronics, we proudly ensure only the absolute highest standards and qualities of materials.

Breath Actuated

All of our autodraw batteries are simple to use and operate. Just inhale and they’re good to go!

Tamper Evident Option

Whether you prefer the convenience of screw-on, or the security of tamper-evident, our disposables are meant to fit your needs.

What are you waiting for?

Get yourself some AirForce disposables today!

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