Our batteries are by far the best on the market!

Our experience in electronics ensures exclusively excellent batteries.

Composed of solely food-grade and medical-grade materials, our batteries are as good as it gets!

When you consider our full suite of customization options — from full deco to voltages — you’ll be glad
that you chose Happy Head for your batteries, whether they’re Autodraw, Push Button, or Shield.

For all your battery needs, be sure to rely on Happy Head

100% Cat-3 Compliant

Absolutely no heavy metals, guaranteed.
Experience only pure, clean, uncontaminated vaping, every time.

Various Voltages

Our push button batteries are available in single voltage, or variable voltage — just click the button 3x to change voltage!

Cool Customization Capabilities

From metal types to LED colors, from imprints to full wraps… even charger styles can be customized.

Food & Medical Grade

Like all of our electronics, we proudly ensure only the absolute highest standards and qualities of materials.

Breath Actuated

All of our autodraw batteries are simple to use and operate. Just inhale and they’re good to go!

Pocket Sized Powerhouse

The Shield type battery easily fits in any pocket or pocketbook. Small, discreet, and portable, with tons of customization.

What are you waiting for?

Get yourself some AirForce batteries today!

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