Happy Head makes simply the greatest vapes and electronics!

Every single one of our electronic/vape products is 100% Cat-3 compliant, with no heavy metals or toxins, guaranteed. We use exclusively food- or medical-grade materials (such as ceramic), optimizing your vaping experience and accentuating your favorite flavors with pure, uncontaminated hits.

Some of our products even forgo any sorts of metals! Our ONX and BOMA are both marvelous metal-free disposables that rip like a racehorse.

For more traditional styles, see our AirForce batteries.

Of course, all of these fully customizable, with USB charging ports, custom LED indicator colors, custom mouthpiece and body colors (available in any Pantone), multiple logo placement options, custom windows, and even full-body wraps to properly showcase your brand’s identity.

In the cannabis vape market, it’s impossible to beat the high quality standard set by Happy Head!

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