The most customizable, revolutionary jar lids/caps ever created!

We took the industry standard child-resistant jar lid mechanism (for both flower and concentrates!) and wrapped it in tin.

Unlike with regular resins, this allows for full treatment options!
This means you can do spot UV, metallics, embossing, debossing, Pantone matching, full four-color process printing, and even gang-run multiple prints –
all at lower MOQs and cheaper than traditional child-resistant caps.

Not to mention, they’re ready even faster: in just about 30 days.

Perhaps coolest of all, we’ve made these in two styles – Singlestack and Doublestack – which allows you to pair any two jars of the same neck size!
Combine indica and sativa strains, or pair flower with complementary concentrates.

Available in three neck sizes – 28 mm, 38 mm, and 53 mm, the Stackercap is designed to be compatible with the standard child-resistant jars you already have.
Of course, if you want to be super cool and extra, you should check out all the options we have for child-resistant jars – we’re sure you’ll be blown out of the water!

Fully flesh out your brand with the only logical choice – the Stackercap.

Certified Child Resistant

Like all Happy Head products, our Stackercaps are child-resistant certified.
They work with any standard child-resistant jar on the market today!

Complete creative control

No more labels! The Stackercap is crazy customizable. Print around the entire surface of the cap.
Embossing, metallics, Pantone matching, 4-color process… if you can dream it, we can do it.

Cheaper & Lower MOQs

Standard resin cap customization starts at 25k. With the Stackercap, like our other tin products, the MOQ is as low as 10k. Even at that MOQ, it’s still price-competitive with regular caps!

Faster Production

Standard custom caps require anywhere from 60-90 days lead time, not counting freight.
Our Stackercaps are ready to go in just 30 days!

Multiple Sizes Available

Available in three neck sizes – 28 mm, 38 mm, and 53 mm –
all in both Singlestack and Doublestack configurations.

Bigger Runs

Because your artwork can be split up, you can run higher MOQs at significantly lower price points, which allows you to fully flesh out your brand lineup.

What are you waiting for?

Get yourself some Stackercap Child-Resistan Tin Caps today!

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