When you need something a little bigger, count on our Springlock Child-Resistant Tins.

Like our Airlock Child-Resistant Tins, they have an integrated food-grade PET liner, which makes them 100% airtight and watertight for maximum freshness. 

The major difference is size (yes, it really does matter sometimes!), and the ability to have a window.

That makes these products perfect for larger flower amounts, bigger edibles, and products that deserve a nice view.

Like all Happy Head products, our Springlock Child-Resistant Tins are endlessly customizable.
With robust printing capabilities, including Pantone matching, metallics, and spot UV (selective gloss), the only limit is your imagination.

When you want beautiful, durable, and tall child-resistant packaging, you need our Springlock Child-Resistant Tins.

Certified Child Resistant

Our entire lineup of Springlock Tins is certified child-resistant. They’re specifically designed to only be opened by adults.

Bigger is better

With more print room, and an optional customizable window, these are the perfect choice for larger products, or ones that need a view.

Robust Print Capabilities

Like all Happy Head products, the only limit is your imagination. From Pantone matching to metallics and spot UV, customize to your heart’s content.

The environmental Choice

The durability of tin and PET is unparalleled. Keep your products safe while remaining sustainable!

Taller is baller

We offer our Springlock in assorted sizes, so you can safely store all your products. We’ve got you covered.

Food-Grade PET Liner

The liner inside is 100% food-grade PET, meaning no nasty leaching of plastics, while maintaining freshness integrity.

What are you waiting for?

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