Don’t be a square, man!

Think outside the (literal) box with our Custom Die-Cut Child-Resistant Pouches.

Whether you want it to match your logo, or you just want it to be a fun shape, we can help your pouch dreams go from pipe dream to reality!

Check out Custom Die-Cut Child-Resistant Pouches for an awesome and unique, but still budget-friendly, option.

Certified Child Resistant

Our Child-Resistant pop-tops are child-resistant certified. They’re specifically designed to only be easily opened by adults.

Stand Out from the crowd

Would you jump off a bridge if everyone else was doing it?
Cut through all the noise with a contoured shape.

Tons of print options

Don’t just settle for a cool shape. Holographics, metallic foils, spot UV, windows…
The possibilities (like the shapes!) are limitless.

Budget Friendly

Pouches are generally the cheapest option in the industry.
These custom shape pouches are usually only a few cents more than regular ones!

Make it so

Whether you want these tiny for grams, or massive for multi-pound bags, we can make it to your exact specifications.

Make anything Child-Resistant

Our Custom Die-Cut Child-Resistant Pouches can also be used as exit bags, which means that any product you offer in-store can be made child-resistant at the point of sale.

What are you waiting for?

Get yourself some Custom-Diet Cut Child-Resistant Pouches today!

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