Sometimes you just can’t beat paper.
Of course, we have several different options for child-resistant paper packaging!

From our new cigarette-style packs, to classic cardboard tubes to our 100% made-in-the-USA push-button box,
we’ve got paper options out the wazoo, with all the treatment options paper has to offer.

And, as we’re sure you’ve surmised, we do it better and cheaper than anyone else. As always, we’ve got your back!

Child Resistant

They’re specifically designed to only be easily opened by adults.

A staple of the industry since… forever!

“Doob tubes” have been a part of the cannabis business forever, and for good reason – they’re lightweight and fast to produce.


Forget ugly and time-consuming labels! You can print directly on these bad boys, which allow for ample branding opportunities.

Super Budget Saver 9000

Even with direct print, these child-resistant pop-tops are incredibly cheap. Unbranded, we’re practically giving them away!


Our Child-Resistant Pop-Top Tubes come in a multitude of sizes so you can secure pretty much anything!

The Industry Fidget Spinner

With its distinctive and satisfying pop, we defy you to not play with these guys constantly. You’ll hear everyone in our office do it!

What are you waiting for?

Get yourself some Child-Resistant paper packaging today!

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