We specialize in all sorts of child-resistant packaging for all your cannabis needs!

Our tin lineup is absolutely fantastic – choose from our rectangular hinged Hi-Lock or slide Slidelock, or from our round Airlock and Springlock, or even our totally tubular Poplock. All of our tins are ruggedly durable, eminently reusable, and in the case of many of our all-metal constructions, fully 100% recyclable.

For a cheaper option, we also carry mylar pouches and LDPE pop-tops. Last but not least, we also carry our award-winning paperboard Duallok.

No matter what product you choose, Happy Head is proud to offer multiple customization options, from Pantone matching to metallics and spot UV and even embossing or custom windows. As we’re fond of saying, the only limit is your imagination!

Of course, we also stand behind our quality and excellence, which are guaranteed to keep you and your customers happy.

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