About Happy Head

We help develop and manufacture the most unique, cutting-edge, and all-around coolest electronics, cartridges,
vaporizers, POP/POS displays, packaging (both child-resistant and secondary/exterior), and merchandise & swag, to properly provide for all of your cannabis product needs.

Our team has created for and worked with some of the biggest brands in the industry. We’ve happily delivered them the most innovative and highest quality products in the market via our unparalleled manufacturing and quality standards, both domestic and overseas.

By ensuring lightning-fast production time and top-notch quality service to all of our clients, you can rest assured that you are working with the absolute best team in the medical/recreational cannabis industry.

Let our creative team help your company vision become a reality!

Meet The Team

Ryan Rosenberg

Head Happyhead

Jonathan Morgan

Happiness Overlord

Jacob Brafman

Happiness Financier

Alan Mendelson

Happiness Operator

Avi Feinstein

Happiness Logistician

David Gonzalez

Happiness Hawker

Connor Fenn

Happiness Dealer

Mauricio Quintero

Happiness Vendor

Lionel Ash

Creator Of Happiness

Bryan Mercado

Designer Of Happiness

Armando Aybar

Recorder Of Happiness

Jennifer Goodman

Manager of Happiness

Christina Borrego

Projector Of Happiness

Melinda Anglero

Charger of Happiness

Eddie Hernandez

Logistical Happiness

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