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Child-Resistant Packaging

We get it – your products need to stay out of the wrong hands. Our child-resistant certified packaging lines are designed to keep everything safe and sound, while still easily opened by adults. From budget solutions to bespoke creations, our enormous array of child-resistant offerings focus on sustainability and customizability.

Vape Cartridges, Disposables, and Batteries, Oh My!

From standard 510-threaded cartridges and batteries to a whole lineup of rechargeable disposables, our 100% Cat-3 compliant, heavy-metal free electronics deliver a level of sophistication that sets your brand apart. Like all Happy Head products, we pride ourselves on our exceptional quality and our insane customization options.

Free Creative & Design Services

Believe it or not, we offer 100% complimentary design services to those smart enough to work with us. Let’s take your brand from a diamond in the rough to a gleaming, polished gem. We’re no slouch in this department either – we’ve got the awards and accolades to prove it. See why major MSOs rely on Happy Head to ensure their design is top-notch and cutting edge.

Business Promotion Essentials

Enhance your brand’s visibility and impact with our comprehensive range of merch, swag, and POP/POS display solutions, all in one convenient place. Whether you need apparel – T-shirts, hats, hoodies – or cannabis-specific items – grinders, lighters, rolling papers, and rolling trays – our decades of experience ensure you’re in good hands.

Child-Resistant Packaging

The Hi-Lock Child-Resistant Tin

Standing for “hinged lock”, this drop-dead sexy tin comes in numerous sizes.

100% metal (🤘) construction ensures full recyclability everywhere.

Perfect for pre-rolls, vapes, and small edibles.

Metal Free Disposable Vaporizer


An absolute miracle of cannabis vape engineering technology.

As big as your average chapstick, this pocket-sized powerhouse portable packs a potent punch!

Accepts all viscosities of all kinds of oils and concentrates.

Child-Resistant Packaging

Stackercap Tin-Wrapped Child-Resistant Cap

And now for something we think you’ll really like.

Tin-wrapped caps are easier, cheaper, and faster to customize than anything else on the market.

You can even do cool things like stack them.

Electronics & Vape

We carry a full lineup of the most customizable, coolest, and overall best cartridges, disposables, batteries, and all your vape essentials.

From custom work to off-the-shelf concepts, we have everything your business could possibly need.

Child-Resistant Packaging

We’ve got everything from your classic jars and pouches (with our own amazing twist on them) to products you can’t find anywhere else.

Our packaging is all top-notch quality at extremely reasonable prices.

Promotion Essentials

Your business needs merch & swag, POP and POS displays, and just everything that makes a business run, well, like a business.

That’s our bread and butter. We’ve got everything you need, all under one roof.

We understand the business like no one else

Gold Spirits Design Masters 2020
Clio Bronze 2022
Clio Grand Prize 2022
Pentawards Bronze & Silver 2019
PAC Global Leadership 2019
IDA Design Bronze & Silver 2018

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